Our website has moved!

To provide you more relevant and targeted information, we now have two new websites to support your specific needs. Visit our new Autism Hub or Reading and Writing Centre websites via the links below.

Go to Autism Hub

The Autism Hub builds the capability and confidence of school leaders, educators and families to navigate and access the wide range of dedicated autism support services and resources available. We provide evidence-based information, resources, professional learning and advice to help schools, teachers, and parents improve the educational outcomes for students with autism.

To learn more, visit the Autism Hub Website.

Go to Reading and Writing Centre

The Reading and Writing Centre provides professional learning, resources and specialist advice to educators and parents on how to support young people and adolescents to improve their reading and writing. We also offer expert advice to support students with dyslexia and other reading and writing disorders.

The Reading and Writing Centre champions reading and writing as essential life skills.

To register for a workshop, or to learn more visit the Reading and Writing Centre Website.