Transitioning to Prep is an important journey. For many children, the commencement of kindergarten is part of their journey to Prep. Early childhood experts agree that a quality kindergarten program develops children's learning and physical abilities and helps them prepare for school.

The transition section of this online resource package contains practical information to assist in guiding families and educators through the process of successfully transitioning a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to Prep. Transition is about key stakeholders working together to ensure that the child's journey to formal school occurs in a supportive and positive environment and is as smooth as possible.

This package contains a number of resources designed to assist you in the process of transition from the initial planning phase through to the reflection of the transition journey. In many cases, the information contained in this section can be used to enhance and develop transition practices that are already in place.

Active engagement in the process is supported through a range of documentation which helps to formalise discussions. Formalising a plan and recording key roles, responsibilities and actions ensures that all stakeholders are moving in the same direction with the focus being on the child.

Key factors

Within the transition process, there are several key factors that should be kept in mind. These include:

  • allowing time to plan
  • ensuring regular and open communication with all relevant stakeholders
  • working within a team throughout the transition period to share responsibilities
  • ensuring that the transition plan and process is individualised to the needs of the child, family and school setting.

Transition information and resources

Transition information and resources are grouped as follows:

Information on selecting a school is available at School options for your child in the families section of this web resource.

Further information regarding continuing successfully after the transitions process is available at Continuing successfully after transition in this web resource.

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Last reviewed 23 July 2019
Last updated 23 July 2019