Information for families of children with ASD

​The resources in this section have been designed specifically for parents of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as their child commences the transition to Prep in Queensland.

Resources have been grouped under these main headings:

Each section contains tip sheets and templates for you to use during the transition journey and links to other relevant areas of the website.

While these resources have been designed specifically to support the transition of children with ASD into Prep, they represent best practice in transition. Some resources and links may therefore be useful for all students and during other transition periods (e.g. transition from year to year or from primary to secondary schooling).

Further information

Further learning and support
Early childhood support services for children with ASD

If you require specific information regarding your individual circumstances, the following links may be a good starting point:

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Last reviewed 29 July 2019
Last updated 29 July 2019