Information for educators of students with ASD

​​​​​The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (PDF, 954KB) has a goal that Australian schooling promotes equity and excellence. This means that all Australian governments and all school sectors must provide all students with access to high-quality schooling that is free from discrimination.

All Queensland schools, state and non-state, are required to identify barriers to student learning and make reasonable adjustments to minimise their effect on student learning and achievement.

With effective teaching, practice and useful feedback, every student, including students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), can develop further knowledge and skills, and the understanding to apply these purposefully to challenging tasks. Inclusive educa​tion​ reflects the values, ethos and culture of a public education system committed to excellence by enhancing educational opportunities for all students.

The department's Dimensions of Teaching and Learning state that, "the quality of classroom teaching has a profound influence on student learning and achievement. School leaders greatly influence improved student outcomes by creating a school environment in which teachers are guided and supported to be effective teachers who systematically plan, use evidence to inform their practice and employ a range of teaching strategies and methods to improve student learning outcomes".

The information provided in this section of the ASD Online Resource Transition Package is intended to assist school staff to support the successful transition of children with ASD into school and achieve high quality educational outcomes.

Information and strategies have been grouped into four sections to help you navigate the process of supporting the transition of students with ASD:

Further information regarding what ASD is can be found at an i​​ntroduction to ASD​.
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Last reviewed 16 October 2018
Last updated 16 October 2018