Further learning and support

This section provides information on resources and organisations that can assist families and schools further in supporting students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The provision of ongoing support, information and resourcing for families and schools supporting a student with ASD is beyond the scope and capabilities of this online resource.

Consideration has, however, been given to providing links and contact details for organisations and services which may be useful for families and/or educators when searching for further information regarding learning, support and resources.

All organisations, service providers and resource providers are alphabetically and are not specifically endorsed by the department, AEIOU or Autism Queensland (AQ).

We have grouped organisations and services into categories for ease of searching:

To assist families and educators, a glossary has been developed defining terms used within this ASD online transition resource package.

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Last reviewed 23 July 2019
Last updated 23 July 2019