Queensland Ready Reading

The Reading Centre is implementing the Queensland Ready Reading (QRR) program which aims to train parents and community members to build their confidence in supporting children’s reading.

QRR invites parents and community members to volunteer in schools to support children’s reading and make a difference in their local community.

Reading is a powerful tool to help children grow their vocabulary, language skills and imagination, it helps them to develop lifelong skills that will support their future growth and learning.

Ready Reading volunteers undergo training to learn about:

  • the components of reading 
  • how to support a child with reading
  • strategies to develop independent reading skills.

Experienced staff from the Department of Education and Volunteering Queensland will deliver the training to ensure volunteers are supported to help our students become confident readers.

Schools with Ready Reading volunteers can support students’ reading by:

  • providing additional opportunities for students to read
  • catering for daily one-to-one reading practice for students
  • assisting students to improve their reading goals
  • promoting children’s development as independent and confident readers
  • fostering a joy of reading.

For schools

This video highlights how Ready Reading volunteers can be used in a school to support students with their reading. It includes interviews with a school leader, a classroom teacher and a volunteer.

For volunteers

This video highlights how parents, carers and community members can be trained to support children’s reading in schools. It includes interviews with Ready Reading volunteers who share their experiences of being part of the Queensland Ready Reading (QRR) program.

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Last reviewed 12 November 2019
Last updated 12 November 2019