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​​​​Commencing school for the first time, transitioning into secondary school, or starting a new school year, is an exciting but often complex and stressful time for students with autism and their families. 

Transition planning involves careful student focused planning, preparation and frequent communication between families and the school team. For many students, they too are involved in the planning, discussions, development of resources and sharing of information with teachers.  

Ensuring a student with autism continues to be successful at school after the transition phase involves: 
  • using the information gathered during the transition process to respond to the student's individual learning needs
  • evaluating the adjustments provided to ensure students are accessing and participating in the curriculum and negotiating school life on the same basis as their peers. ​
Relationships with others, peer interactions, classroom communication, consistency of staff and managing anxiety can present ongoing challenges for students with autism. Consideration and careful planning of these factors can also maximise engagement and participation for students. 

Mid-term can often be timely for reviewing a student’s initial transition plan, the following links on the Education website provides some tips and strategies for continuing success beyond transition:

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Last reviewed 21 February 2018
Last updated 21 February 2018