Our governance structure

The Autism Hub and Reading Centre is part of the Queensland Government Department of Education (DoE).

Senior officers from the DoE provide strategic oversight of the Autism Hub and the Reading Centre with expert advice provided by key external stakeholders via two advisory groups.

Autism Hub Advisory Group

The Autism Hub Advisory Group provides strategic advice to the Autism Hub on operational policies, strategies and initiatives that:

  • builds workforce capability and leadership in Queensland schools to meet the diverse needs of students with autism spectrum disorders and improve their education outcomes
  • delivers cohesive services of support for students with autism, families and schools in Queensland, in partnership with external associations and organisations to provide a world-class education system
  • promotes evidence-based and research-validated practices relating to support for students with autism to engage in learning.

Autism Hub Advisory Group members include Department of Education leaders, representatives of universities, Autism Cooperative Research Centre, Queensland Health, AEIOU Foundation and Autism Queensland.

Reading Centre Advisory Group

The Reading Centre Advisory Group includes representatives of education in Queensland. These include state, independent and Catholic schools, as well as some of the centre's partners: SPELD, State Library of Queensland and universities.

The group provides guidance on operational policies, strategies and initiatives and:

  • identifies evidence-based and research-validated practices related to teaching reading and targeting learning differences such as dyslexia
  • builds the workforce capability of teachers and school leaders to implement effective reading practices
  • builds the capability of parents and caregivers to best support readers
  • works with schools and parents to promote a passion for reading among all Queensland school students.
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Last reviewed 01 November 2019
Last updated 01 November 2019